10 Reasons You Will Love Thai Food

On days you want to eat outside or order in, with so many cuisines to choose from, Thai food will at least pop up as one of your options. Thai cuisine has had a very colorful history and it continues to pave its way around the world. It also is one of the most popular cuisines in the world and not only famed for the incredible blend of different tastes but also because of a lot of factors. This cuisine has also been adapted almost everywhere and satisfies your Thai food craving anywhere.


The wonderful blend of spice, sweetness, umami, and sourness in Thai food leaves a mesmerizing taste that will keep you wanting more. There are a lot of other reasons that justify why almost everyone loves Thai food. After making some research, we have listed down other reasons as to why Thai food will always have a special place in our tastebuds and tummy.

1. Thai food is healthy.

The distinct blend of flavors in Thai food is made possible with all of the vegetables and herbs that they add to the dishes. All of these herbs have their role in the dish that either adds to the sweetness or could be the one that balances all of the different flavors. There have also been researches that states that Thai food is one of the healthiest food that you can eat. The quick cooking method that they used also helps to retain the nutrients in each ingredient.

2. Thai food is easy to prepare.

One of the many reasons why people like Thai food is how easy it is to cook them. Most Thai dishes are stir-fried and are cooked in a wok which requires high heat and will be cooked in a short time. If you eat street food in Thailand, you will often see a stall with a gas burner and a wok where all dishes are cooked. They usually have all the ingredients prepared and can cook your order within 5 minutes and it will be served to you fresh and piping hot.

3. Thai food has a perfect balance of flavors.

Similar to other Asian cuisines that have mastered incorporating different flavors, Thai food is famous for being able to blend different flavors into one unique taste. If you closely look at the ingredients used in Thai food, they usually are strong-tasting ingredients but once they are cooked together, they result in an appetizing taste.

4. Thai food can be catered to almost everyone.

Thai food can be adapted to be healthier for health-conscious eaters. They have appetizing salads drenched in spicy and sour sauces. If you want to eat fresh fruits, you can pair and dip them in chili salt for an extra kick in each bite. Whatever diet you are in, you can find a Thai dish that can cater to your needs.

5. Thai food is perfect for eaters who like a bit of extra kick in their dish.

Thai food is famous for being spicy and is perfect for eaters who want a bit of adventure in their meal. When dining in Thailand, you will often see the tables with those mini containers of sugar, fish sauce, vinegar, and chili that you can add to your plate if you want to change it to suit your taste. Thai food is not complete without any spice however, you can adjust the spice level depending on your tolerance.

6. Thai food is aesthetically pleasing to look and eat at.

No doubt that Thai food is always presented to look very pleasing to our eyes and our mouths. The plates are adorned with different colors and garnishes that will make you think twice before taking a bite. With each plate, you not only eat with your mouth but also with your eyes and leave you very satisfied after each meal.

7. Thai food gives great value to your buck.

Thai food is of great value as the portions that they serve are usually large for a reasonable price. The portions are big enough to be shared with your family and friends, and the dishes are sometimes meant to be shared with your peers. Most ingredients used are usually what you will see in your cupboard and there is no need to go for a grocery run.

8. Thai food is influenced by different Asian cuisines.

Thai cuisine’s rich history was inspired by different Asian cuisines. It is said that Chinese cuisine has influenced Thai food with their way of cooking such as stir-frying, and deep-frying. In the Southern part of Thailand, the food there is influenced by Malaysian and is can be seen with the local dishes there. Their neighboring countries; Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam, have also influenced parts of Thailand on the Northern side.

9. Thai food and its flavorful curries.

Thai food has a variety of curries and each is distinctive on its own. The top 5 main curries that they have are; Massaman curry, yellow curry, green curry, red curry, and lastly, Panang curry. Each curry uses different ingredients that make them taste delish and delectable. However, for those who can’t handle spice, be wary of green and red curry as they are the spiciest among the other curries.

10. Thai desserts are the best dish to end a meal.

Thais have a sweet tooth and it is apparent with the numerous local desserts they have. They love eating desserts after a meal or even just as a snack. Traditional Thai desserts use mainly sugar, flour, and coconut as their main ingredient. Nowadays, the local desserts come in different varieties and continue to be a favorite meal of the locals.

There you have it, the top 10 reasons as to why will most definitely like Thai food. Aside from its varied number of dishes and the health benefits, these are the other reasons why we think that Thai cuisine will continue to be a popular choice anywhere in the world. If you have not tried Thai food, I hope that this list will make you rethink your decision and head out to your nearest Thai restaurant.

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