About Us

Here at Thai Food Network, we have collected a unique directory of amazing Thai restaurants outside of Thailand, with the goal of bringing Thai culture, flavors, and dishes to a larger audience.

Thai food demonstrates intricacy, texture, taste, and color, while still developing care into appearance and smell. Our mission is to show other cultures and countries around the world just how special Thai dishes are, as different regions of Thailand have distinct food types! We are so excited to showcase the many components Thai food has to offer.

With our site, you are able to quickly and easily search for Thai restaurants near you and can even order online via our efficient ordering system. You can also learn so much more about Thai delicacies and recipes on our website blog. We are here to make your experience of discovering new, unique Thai restaurants a fun, simple, inviting adventure like no other. With our website, you are able to view over 5,000 Thai restaurants, allowing you to see just how special each type of dish is that our culture presents.

Thai food is second to none, offering delicately prepared dishes with impactful aromas and a spicy edge. Here at Thai Food Network, we look forward to expanding your knowledge and experience with Thai cuisine!